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The DevStarter Template comes with a powerful Next.js Frontend but you can use the API on any frontend framework of your choice or raise a feature request for your preffered framework/library, (Vue.js frontend is coming soon).

meanwhile It’s correct to say that Next.js is the queen of JavaScript and is best known for the follwing :

  • SSR and SEO Optimization: Next.js enables Server-Side Rendering (SSR), enhancing performance and search engine visibility by delivering pre-rendered pages to users.
  • Efficient Routing and Dynamic Loading: Its built-in routing and automatic code-splitting capabilities streamline development, ensuring faster page loads and optimized resource utilization.
  • Enhanced Developer Experience: Next.js simplifies frontend development with hot reloading, TypeScript support, and a robust ecosystem, empowering developers to iterate swiftly.
  • API Routes Integration: Seamlessly connect frontend to backend via Next.js API routes, enabling efficient communication and data exchange.
  • Scalability and Performance: Next.js’s scalability features and optimized performance elevate theDevStarter’s frontend, catering to evolving project needs while maintaining exceptional speed and stability.

Packages/Components that we use in pair to Next.Js

  • Use Context State Manager : Context API offers a centralized approach to manage state across components, eliminating the need for prop drilling and simplifying data access within the application.
  • React Query : React Query simplifies data fetching by providing a declarative API, reducing boilerplate code and offering a clean approach to handling API requests.
  • Typesafe Codebase : TypeScript enforces static typing, catching errors during development, reducing bugs, and improving code quality. This enhances code maintainability and readability.
  • Eslint and Prettier: Having ESLint and Prettier built into TheDevStarter offers developers a seamless and standardized coding experience across your team for ensuring code quality and performance while scaling and maintaining the code in long run.