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Nudge User Modal

Being a SAAS Boilerplate we think that our role should be to provide generic functionality for things that we tend to ignore while building a MVP so that the MVP you’re creating turns out to be a production ready application instead of just being a MVP.

the User Nudge Modal can be used from anywhere inside the application to trigger a modal that can be used to nudge user for upgrading to use a premium feature or to join a community channel, whatever you want to do with the modal you can do since it’s generic

to trigger the modal you can use the following snippet:

const { openPremiumModal, openLoadingModal } = useGeneralModalContext();
heading: 'Premium Content',
description: 'Upgrade to premium for exclusive features!',
buttonName: 'Upgrade Now',
buttonHref: '/upgrade',
icon: <CheckIcon className="bg-emerald-100 text-emerald-500 dark:bg-emerald-700/50 dark:text-emerald-300 mx-auto mb-5 flex h-10 w-10 items-center justify-center rounded-full"/>


Alt text