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News Letter

Setting Up Newsletter with Beehive

The DevStarter SAAS boilerplate comes with a Beehive integration that helps you to start a newsletter within your application right from day 1. this is essentially a way to increase the engagement with your initial users to convert them to loyal brand ambassadors.


Follow these steps to integrate Beehive with your SaaS application:

  1. Get Beehive API Key and Publication ID:

    • Log in to your Beehive account.Access to Beehive (Sign up at Beehive)
    • Navigate to your account settings and open integrations tab.
    • Generate an API key and note down your Publication ID.
  2. Configure Environment Variables:

    • Open your SaaS application’s environment configuration file (usually named .env).
    • Add the following lines:
      Replace your_beehive_api_key and your_beehive_publication_id with the API key and Publication ID obtained in step 1.

That’s it! You have successfully set up a newsletter feature in your SaaS application using Beehive and now you can manage your newsletter subscriptions using Beehive Dashboard.