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Django Ninja

Django Ninja is a fast web framework for building APIs with Django and Python 3.6+ type hints. It is designed to be easy to use and intuitive, with high performance, rapid development, and standards-based API design. It integrates well with Django and is considered production-ready, making it suitable for live projects.

Official Documentation

our team has extensively worked on backend frameworks like FastAPI, Django, Express.js, Nest.js etc but the best part of Django was it’s nature of having the “battries included” nature where it’s huge ecosystem and community support makes working in Django much easier,

But with time Django grew old and was left out behind in terms of performance and benchmarks by new and light frameworks like FastAPI, Django Ninja is Django Reborn with the ability to support Async Routes and Pydantic support, leaving behind bulky and “not so dev friendly” API platforms like DRF.

Core Benefits of Django Ninja that we leverage in The Dev Starter are:

  • Async Compliant Routes
    • With introduction of Async support for Django views, we leverage fully asynchronous APIs our SAAS Boilerplate to keep up with benchmarks.
  • High performance High Performance
  • Fast to code :
    • Django Ninja is really developer friendly and keeps everything well structured, giving the required momentum of launcing the MVP and performance to scale well.

    • The Customisable and most powerful feature of Django is Django Admin that TheDevStarter uses extensively to give building SAAS a better experience since it provides the ability to build the admin interface in minutes without any additional efforts.