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Brevo API

Managing user email lists could be hard but not anymore, you can manage the user lists into different buckets like free user , paid user, power user etc using Brevo and then use the brevo lists for Email Campaigns.

this is essentially useful for Feature Launch announcements etc.

Follow these steps to integrate Brevo with your SaaS application:

  1. Configure Environment Variables:
    • Log in to your Brevo account.Access to Brevo (Sign up at Brevo)
    • Navigate to your account settings and open SMTP & API Key.
    • Generate an API key.
    • After that got to contacts section in brevo and use column named USER_TYPE of text field.

That’s it! You have successfully set up a brevo feature in your SaaS application.

  1. Configure Environment Variables:

    • Open your SaaS application’s environment configuration file (usually named .env).
    • Add the following lines:
      BREVO_API_KEY=your_brevo_api_key (add in backend)
      Replace your_brevo_api_key with the API Key obtained in step 1.